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Drug Trafficking - Child Pornography - Human Trafficking - Extortion - Money Laundering, Bribery, Counterfeiting, Casinos, Bank Fraud, Credit Card Fraud, Loan Sharking and many more.

3) Counterfeiting

To copy or imitate something, to make it

fake. Often it's money but sometimes its

knock off of high end products.

4) Money Laundering

To move monies from one company to another kinda like a shell game. 

This is done to legitimize the monies

being received so it can be legally used.

RacketsOffer   com

Rackets Offer - What type of rackets do you think we are talking about here?

I wanted to put together a blog that talks about all forms of racketeering. I find this subject to be extremely interesting and exciting. Let's talk about some of the forms of racketeering.

It's all about RACKETeering

2) Extortion

To carry out or obtain something, usually money through threats / force / violence.

Normally the "mob" are the ones who

threaten and when you don't pay they

roll you up in a piece of carpet and take you

out to the dumpster, of course after your dead.

1) Loan Sharking

An individual who offers loans for very high interest rates. Predatory lending is another name for it, kinda like payday loans etc.

This happens when someone borrows

money to build their business but can't get

it through traditional sources. This option is

very risky and generally not one you would use.